GEMFIVE respects the intellectual property rights of others and holds our users to the same standard of conduct. We implement steps to verify the legitimacy and rights of the merchants who wish to list their products on the GEMFIVE Marketplace.

We view seriously any unauthorised use by our users of materials, trademarks and copyright belonging to others. Listing of products illegally or unlawfully acquired, counterfeit goods, or goods obtained without proper licences is strictly prohibited on the GEMFIVE Marketplace. 

If you are a holder of intellectual property right and you have reasons to suspect infringement or violation of your rights by certain listing on the GEMFIVE Marketplace, kindly report the claimed misappropriation of your rights to us. 

Click here for Complaint and Take Down Procedure.

GEMFIVE treats all such complaints seriously and we ask that any person or entity making reports of suspected misappropriation of their rights to substantiate their assertion. We ask that you adduce proof of your intellectual property rights. By making a report to us and utilizing our Complaint and Take Down Procedure, you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless in the event of wrongful removal of the alleged listing by reason of your complaint, and against any claims or damages that may arise from such wrongful removal.

GEMFIVE is not a competent adjudicator of issues pertaining to ownership, subsistence and infringement of any intellectual property rights and any action taken is premised entirely on commercial practice and reasons. 

In the event GEMFIVE decides to take down or prevent access to certain listing pursuant to a report or complaint, it shall in no way be taken or construed as an endorsement by GEMFIVE of a claim of infringement. Conversely, a decline or refusal by GEMFIVE to take down any listing complained of shall in no way constitute a declaration or statement of intention, whether express or implied, of GEMFIVE that the listing does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party.