Things You Need To Be Prepared When Moving To Urban Areas

January 8, 2022 Off By Jim Boyd
Damansara Utama

So, you are from a rural area and you are moving to urban/city life for work. It can be exciting as you will start a whole new chapter in life. It will also be scary as you do not know what is ahead of you. Here is what you need to know before you make an official move to city life.

Culture shock

You will experience culture shock even in the same country as the culture of the rural and urban lifestyles is different. The things you do may be alien to them, and the things they do may be alien to you. Instead of feeling weirded out, learn about the culture of the urban lifestyle and adapt to it.

Prepare a budget

As you know, the cost of living in urban cities is relatively high. So, you need to prepare a budget to plan your budget and also to save money. Not only that, unlike the rural life where many things are cheap, you really need to be disciplined with your spendings. If you have the time to cook your own meal, do so. It is much more cost-effective than buying takeouts every day.

Find a job and accommodation

Before moving to another city, you should find a job as soon as possible before officially moving there so that you can start earning money as soon as you arrive there. After you have secured a job, it is time to look for a place to stay. It comes down to a few factors:

  • Location of accommodation
  • Monthly fees

The location of your accommodation is very important. How will you travel to work? Is it by foot or vehicle? Whatever it is, it is advised to get a place that is close to your workplace. Making it convenient for you. For example, if your workplace is at Petaling Jaya, maybe consider of renting a place like Damansara Utama due to the close proximity.

Next up, is the monthly fees for your accommodation. Does the price fit your budget? Are there other places that offer the same thing but with a better value? This is what you need to consider when choosing accommodation. Make sure that the budget suits you. You do not want to find yourself paying a majority of your salary for your accommodation.

Take the necessities

Depending on the accommodation that you are renting, chances are the place will be smaller than the place you live in your hometown. So, be sure to bring the things that you need to your new place or else your rented place will be full of a lot of unwanted stuff. Thus, you do not have enough space to put your necessities.

Be mentality prepared

One thing for sure when moving to a whole new environment is that you need to be mentally prepared for the drastic change that you are about to experience. So, you need to learn to adapt by getting used to the environment. Because this is part of the working life.

To conclude

In conclusion, this is what you need to prepare when you are about to move into a whole new location. 

Damansara Utama

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