the process of making the industrial PC

Specialized PC For Industrial Purpose

September 2, 2022 Off By Jim Boyd

Speaking of personal computers or PCs nowadays, the majority of the people in our communities will start to think about the PC for gaming. As we can see, there are so many people of all generations who are into PC gaming to that level that some of them are even making money from it. In line with the development and innovation of the  wide usage of gadgets also resulting with prolly thousand varieties of gaming PC brands that we could get all over Malaysia. However, have you heard about PCs that are specifically built for industry? Make sure to keep reading to know further about the advantech industrial PC Malaysia

Eventually, both of them have their own differences and uniqueness due to the different purposes and usages. However, it is believed that not so many people do acknowledge that there are specific kinds of PCs being used in industry. And to be specific with it, there is actually a place that can supply you the best industrial PC, which is Xyreon. You may continue reading to know more about the advantech industrial PC Malaysia!

Elementary Things That You Have To Know About Industrial PC

The purpose of the advantech industrial PC

Totally different from the common PC that most people use for gaming, the advantech industrial PC is built differently for industrial working fields. This advantech industrial PC are being used widely in a company that are related with the services, solutions and goods production. 

The usage and function of the advantech industrial PC

As we acknowledge, there are huge differences between the advantech industrial PC and the common PCs that we knew. In this case, the advantech industrial PC usually functions for workers especially in:

  • Functioning as a micro-controller-based computer.
  • Processing the data or the data acquisition process. 
  • Used as the main front to other computers in a distributed processing environment of a company. 
  • The integrated CPU for manufacturing facilities.
  • Used to tracking the company assets.
  • Used in simulating and visualizing the risks, the extrapolate possibilities and system testing.
  • Widely used in any documentation processes that involves the crucial billings, the invoices and also any important data to be able to fill it out automatically and easier.
shows how the industrial PC is being used

The specialties of the advantech industrial PC

Obviously, it was named differently for various reasons. Comparing the industrial PC with the common PC will eventually show you one of the biggest differences that you could see, which is from the designs and constructions. These are the reasons why industrial PC is different and specially made for industry field:

  • Industrial PCs are built with the ability to be used and work in dust, water, debris, fire, shock or vibration.
  • Industrial PCs have the capability to work and  bear a really extreme temperature.
  • Since it was built to be used in industrial work, industrial PCs also have protection against electromagnetic interference.
  •  It also has a high radio frequency.
  • It was built with a high level of IP rating to protect from contaminants on all displays, for dust and water resistance.

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