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Online Gambling in Poland

April 6, 2022 Off By Jim Boyd

The issue with online gambling in Poland is complicated. Gambling has undergone a gradual, uneven acceptance over the years due to the country’s political history and religious background. While progress has been made, and internet gambling is now allowed in Poland, with the government providing more avenues for the activity, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a free market.

While updating Poland’s overall gaming regulations in the 2000s, the government also took advantage of the chance to handle the regulation of online casinos. Polish online gambling sites have been severely restricted as a result of legislation passed between 2009 and 2011, with only a small number of sports betting websites permitted and an emphasis on lotteries. Polish gambling regulations are comprehensive, detailed, and can be rather strict in their prohibitions. For example, the regulations distinguish between casino games and betting. While internet casinos in Poland are wrapped in suffocating regulation, the restrictions for online betting through state-approved products are more lenient.

Online sportsbooks can now seek six-year licences in the United Kingdom. Four operators took advantage of the situation and set up shop as a result. A rule requiring any online gambling sites in Poland seeking a licence to open a physical office in the country reduced investment interest for a while. This restriction was repealed in 2015 in an effort by officials to attract more international investment.

Since Poland lacks full-service online casinos or poker rooms, the majority of the country’s major real-money gambling sites operate from outside in an unregulated environment. This isn’t to say that these websites aren’t trustworthy. Polish clients, on the other hand, have access to many of the world’s most reputed online casino sites. Because the Polish market is still regulated, these sites account for the majority of the country’s online gaming business. In reality, estimates imply that these unregulated sites control 90% or more of the gambling business, which hasn’t deterred Polish gamblers in the least.

With an estimated turnover of €1.82 billion in 2018, Poland is clearly missing out on some significant revenue as it sticks to its conservative stance. In contrast to the substantial 10% tax levied on Poland’s domestic sportsbooks, playing at foreign online casino sites in Poland has the advantage of paying no tax on any transactions or profits.

Polish officials have hinted that they may crack down on people who play on foreign sites from time to time, even threatening legal action. However, there is no evidence that the government is taking significant action to address this issue. Even if such a result were to occur, the government hinted that only individuals who promote such gambling sites, or perhaps the biggest players with consistently substantial earnings, would be targeted by authorities. The basic line is that if you gamble online for fun in Poland, you won’t face any consequences. There’s no danger in trying a Poland casino online if you follow our instructions and are picky about where you play.

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