Is Medical School As Hard As Everyone Thinks?

May 25, 2022 Off By Jim Boyd
Bachelor of Science in Medicine Malaysia

How difficult is it to enter medical school? It is the most frequent question being asked by many people when they see a medical student not knowing that medical school is full of extreme challenges. Medical students themselves can be one of the reasons why people think medical school is hard. You can see many of them complaining about their studies on the internet. That is where the stereotype grows from. 

On the one hand, medical schools may seem so difficult to study at. Meanwhile, on the other side, being in medical school can be very fun and engaging. You get the chance to gain all sorts of experience and knowledge about medicine as well as human biology. Hard work and extra effort are needed in order for you to survive as a medical student. 

To answer the most frequently asked question by people, here, we have listed the reasons behind medical school being so hard. 

  • Long Course

Being a student in medical school, you will have to face the long course that it has to offer. Medical school will take up four to five years for you to graduate. The length of the course is due to the amount of content that medical students need to be mastered, which includes both basic scientific ideas and the application of clinical skills. 

  • Study-Life Balance

As a medical school student, it is undeniably hard for you to have a balanced life between your study and personal life. Every single hour you spend without studying can have a significant impact on your ability to keep up with the content of your course. Organized time management is needed for you to keep up with the materials while living a decent life. If not, studying life will be a challenge for you and it will eventually impact your personal life. Planning your study schedule is essential to having a study-life balance. 

  • Peer Pressure

Being in medical school, you will stick around with a lot of intelligent and genius people. Most of them are very competitive and they will put a lot of effort into their studies. This will sometimes stress you out, especially when you start comparing yourself to your other coursemates. But, even though you can not help it, you have to always remember there will be lots of other medical students at your level who are using education as a tool to grow as individuals rather than just students. So, you do not have to worry much about it.

Bachelor of Science in Medicine Malaysia

Of course, getting into medical school and being one of the students is hard. Not only medical school students, but students from other courses would also say the same thing about their courses being so hard. Everything is hard when you do not have a passion for it. Just imagine you are getting into a law school but you do not have the interest to pursue it. Of course, you would claim that law school is hard too.

Being a medical student will require you to work and study more than you have ever done before, but you will almost certainly have more fun than you have ever had. There are a lot of negative stereotypes about medical school, but it is actually a lot of fun, exciting and enjoyable especially considering what you are working towards. If you have a passion to pursue your study in medical school, you should check out Bachelor of Science in Medicine Malaysia for more information.