study bsc medicine in ireland

Get The Opportunity To Study BSC Medicine In Ireland

September 2, 2022 Off By Jim Boyd

Some of the finest academic institutions in the world can be found in Ireland. Irish universities are especially strong in the areas of natural sciences, technology, economics, and the humanities. There are more than a dozen colleges and technical schools in Ireland to which you may submit an application. Earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Ireland is a great investment in your future success as a professional, but it will cost you more than it would in other European countries. While the cost of attending college in Ireland is higher than in some other countries, the unique opportunities and high standard of education available there make it an attractive option. Therefore, one of the majors one can pursue when continuing their education overseas is to study bsc medicine in Ireland.

study bsc medicine in ireland

The Perks Of Studying In Ireland

There are 35,000 international students studying in Ireland, representing 160 different countries. Ireland’s eight schools offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes. Due to Brexit, Ireland, a country on Europe’s western coast and a member of the European Union, will soon be the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone. Higher education in Ireland is unparalleled, and the country itself is beautiful.

Reasons To Study BSC Medicine 

If you like helping others and are always fascinated with the world of medicine, then here are some more reasons to help you make the right decisions in pursuing a bachelor’s in medicine:

Diverse Career Options

It is normal for one to assume that they will become a doctor or a nurse at a general or private hospital after graduating with a bachelor’s in medicine, however that is not the case. Graduates with bachelor’s in medicine have over 60 specialities to choose from, meaning graduates are able to choose which field or speciality resonates with them more. 

Some of the specialities available to choose from are psychiatry, paediatrics, public health and many others. Also, you can also pursue your career beyond medicine, like doing research, management, teaching, and even communication. Therefore, pursuing a bachelor’s in medicine opens quite a lot of doors for your future too. 

study bsc medicine in ireland

Able To Make A Real Difference

If you don’t already know, doctors are always in high demand, especially during these past few years when we were combating COVID-19. Even before the pandemic happened, doctors and medical staff are always in high demand, and specialists too, because to venture into the world of medicine requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and manpower as well. 

Therefore, if you are really passionate to help others in need, and are willing to constantly learn new ways of treating and caring for patients, then pursuing a bachelor’s in medicine would be the right path for you.

Highly Respected Profession

Of course, when you decide to pursue medicine, you’re not doing it just to finally be respected by others, you’re doing it because of your passion and motivation. However, it is true when it is mentioned that doctors are highly respected, no matter where they are. To be able to help and treat patients, at the same time constantly learning and managing other priorities, doctors and medical staff definitely deserve all the respect they should get.

So there is a list of reasons to pursue medicine in Ireland. Not only will you get to experience learning in a beautiful country abroad, but you will also gain enough knowledge to kickstart your career in medicine as soon as you graduate!