diploma setiausaha

Bachelor in Video Games Design

June 6, 2021 Off By Jim Boyd

The Diploma in Video Games Design is aimed at people who want to study the applied techniques and theory behind the conception of video games from the indie game (made with a small team) to AAA games (from large companies and producers), learning the evolution of a project from the conception of the Game Design Document (GDD) to the delivery of the game to consumers.

diploma setiausaha

Video game Development and Design

In this program, you will learn to design and create 2D and 3D video games and you will know the market where your products will move when they are finished. You will master the principles of video game design and architecture, asset management, animation and publication. You will acquire a practical insight into the video game industry, and examine effective video game development strategies. You’ll also explore advanced topics like shader development and game optimization. In the program, you will use the Unity video game engine and develop up to three video game prototypes, one of them with your original idea.

Take courses

A Widad speciality program is a set of courses that help you master a skill. To get started, enrol in the specialized program directly or take a look at their courses and choose one that you would like to start with. By subscribing to a course that is part of a specialized program, you will automatically be subscribed to the full specialized program. You can complete just one course – you can pause your learning or cancel your subscription at any time. Visit the main student dashboard to keep track of your course enrolments and progress.

Practical project

Each specialized program includes a practical project. You will require to complete the project successfully to finish the particular program and get your certificate. If the specialized program includes a separate course for the practical project, you will need to complete each of the other courses before you can start it.

Get a certificate

When you complete all the courses and the practical project, you will earn a Certificate that you can share with potential employers and your professional network. You will also get to experience the best time as college students.

In this course you will learn to conceptualize and design video games, apply references to create new concepts; design and structure levels for different video game genres; prepare all the essential documentation that is required as a guide for the creative team and work as a team. By applying for a diploma setiausaha, you will have everything you need to become an excellent professional and entrepreneur.