sodium gluconate malaysia

The Use of Sodium Gluconate

September 7, 2021 Off By Jim Boyd

Sodium gluconate, also known as five hydroxyl organic acid sodium, is a white crystalline particle or powder. It is soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether, and has a certain salty taste.

It is widely used in food, construction, medicine, water treatment, electroplating, development and other industries, especially in the food industry. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and health awareness, the requirements for food nutrition and flavor are becoming higher and higher, and the food industry is developing towards the path of dietary diversification. In recent years, with the application of sodium gluconate in new fields such as retarder and water reducing agent in the construction industry, the market demand of sodium gluconate shows a trend of rapid growth.

sodium gluconate malaysia

Sodium gluconate has a number of uses, including:

First, it is used in medicine. Sodium maintains extracellular osmotic pressure and volume and regulates acid-base balance to ensure proper neuromuscular function. Therefore, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome.

Second, as a stabilizer. It has excellent corrosion and scale inhibition, and is widely used as a water quality stabilizer. Its corrosion inhibition rate increases with the increase of temperature, and its scale inhibition ability is strong, and it has a strong complexing ability of calcium, magnesium and iron salts. Thus, it can be used as a corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor for circulation and cooling water to achieve the effect of eliminating public hazards.

Third, used as a steel surface cleaning agent. If the steel surface needs to be plated with platinum, chrome, tin and nickel for special purposes, the billet surface should be strictly cleaned to make the coating firmly combined with the steel surface. Adding sodium gluconate to the cleaning agent will achieve ideal results.

Fourth, for cement admixture (water reducer or retarder). Adding a certain amount of sodium gluconate to cement can increase the plasticity and strength of concrete, and has a retarding effect, that is, delaying the initial and final setting period of concrete. Therefore, sodium gluconate as cement admixture has been widely used in important construction projects abroad, such as a large number of bridge construction projects in the Middle East. Sodium gluconate is also commonly used in Malaysia‘s construction industry. In addition, it can also be used in electroplating, film manufacturing and other industrial fields.

Fifth, for food. Firstly, sodium gluconate can replace table salt. Sodium gluconate has the advantages of no irritation, no bitterness, salt taste, etc., and has become the best substitute for salt. At present, it is widely used in unsalted soy sauce, bread and other food fields. Next, sodium gluconate improves flavor. Sodium gluconate has the effect of covering the bitter taste of food, shielding the peculiar smell and improving the taste, which has a significant effect on the improvement of food flavor. Sodium gluconate then enhances the nutritional properties of foods. Through experiments, people found that sodium gluconate can increase the solubility of calcium lactate, not only effectively prevent cheese hardening, but also ensure the nutritional quality of cheese.

Therefore, the production and application of sodium gluconate has a very broad prospect.