Most Common Mistakes Interns Make

April 26, 2020 Off By Jim Boyd

Almost all graduating students are required to make a move and gain experiences by working as interns for different companies. Many of them may have been rejected before or trying for a while and have not been getting good responses. Maybe it is because they have not really done the right thing to land on an internship. You see, just like when one is applying for a job, he must also be cautious even if it is just a temporary work like an internship. After all, he cannot graduate if he won’t be able to find a company that will have him. So if you are looking to 在马来西亚找到全职工作, consider getting an internship first!

Now here are some things to avoid when applying for internships:

1. Proofread Your Resume

While sending a resume for any post, one must proofread his application letter and resume before finally submitting the said documents. Note that if one will have spelling or grammatical mistakes, they can be good reasons enough to be rejected. Yes, the company might think that they are just typos but then again, this will only show that the applicant is careless and not that passionate in getting the spot or else, he would have read his documents a number of times before handing it to the assigned person in the company. The application is the first of impression and one might want to make the best of impression by avoiding any grammar error.

Special mention that one is still a newbie, he should show more interest as he needs to gain the approval of the company. It is quite important that he will be meticulous and will not commit careless mistakes. When it comes to the resume, you can mention the smallest thing that one has done, but it should be something worthwhile. One should know what must not appear in the resume like for example, being an editor at a Facebook page as this does not show any relevance to the company one wants to be part of. Another thing, one must not lie about something as trust me, it will be found out and once that will happen, the applicant will really wish he has told the truth.

Watch this video for some resume tips:

2. Check the application thoroughly

When a company will need interns, they will usually post it in marketing paraphernalia like in newspapers or in their websites and so on. One must take note of how the ad is written as most of the time, instructions are included on how they accept applicants. If by chance an applicant will not be able to follow the instructions, there is a good chance the employer will get annoyed and will put a question mark on his application documents that can lead to rejection

Especially while applying via platforms one should look up the company’s website at the very least. It should not look like you just applied after seeing the ad to make some pocket money. Always have a good idea about what the company does and its latest developments. Yes, an applicant must show how interested he is by familiarizing the different facets of the company.

We will see this everywhere. This is because it is one of the most common mistakes. When one feels that, the company is taking too much time, he should send them an email. Do not sound rude- things like “I am disappointed”. This could even lead to them rejecting an applicant right away. Place an inquiry and make sure that it does not go to their spam folder.

It is really important that one will be polite when applying for an internship. He does not want to get to the employer’s bad side when he is not even starting yet.